Why just be satisfied with an ordinary cake?

Macaron Cakes

Macaron cake for a 9th birthday, decorated with milk chocolate / white chocolate drizzle, half filled with chocolate ganache, half with white chocolate vanilla bean flavors

Macaron cake for a 27th birthday, filled with salted caramel inside, decorated on top with creme brulee buttercream, homemade meringue cookies and flowers!

(price varies depending on the decoration and size)

Macaron cake for a 12th birthday, "1" with Creme Brulee flavor, "2" filled with Ferrero Rocher style flavor, decorated with hazelnuts, Nutella and gold flakes on top

Macaron cake for a 21st birthday, decorated with gold splash and fondant flowers, filled with lemon and white chocolate flavors

Macaron cake for a 30th birthday, decorated with hazelnuts and Nutella on top, filled with Ferrero Rocher style flavor

Macaron cake for a company celebration, decorated with chocolate toffee bits macarons, filled with chocolate ganache and toffee bits inside

Macaron cake for a birthday party, decorated with Ferrero Rocher Style macarons, hazelnut, Nutella and gold flakes, inside filled with delicious Ferrero Rocher filling and hazelnuts

Macaron cake for a family reunion, top shell burnt just like our creme brulee macaron, filled with creme brulee and salted caramel flavors

Macaron cake for a 5th anniversary, decorated with hazelnuts and Nutella on top, filled with Ferrero Rocher style flavor

Custom macaron cake for a 25th birthday, decorated with flowers, raspberry and coconut mango-peach macarons on top, filled with chocolate flavor

Macaron cake filled with lemon white chocolate flavor and decorated with lemon macarons

Macaron cake for a National S'mores Day party, decorated with dark chocolate and smore macarons, filled with chocolate and burnt smore pieces

Macaron cake for an 18th Birthday Party. 8-10 serving size, "1" filled with matcha green tea and "8" with ferrero rocher flavor

Are you looking for something unique for your friend's birthday, your son's graduation party or a special event coming up...Why not try our special Macaron Cakes?
Every macaron cake is gluten-free and custom-made, comes with 2 layers made of large-size macaron shells, filled with macaron flavors from our flavors list and finally top shell decorated for a delicious and beautiful finish.




Carousel Macarons are homemade with Almond Flour and Gluten Free ingredients

Registered as Cottage Food Producer by Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Our products are homemade and not subject to state inspection