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We are giving life to macarons!

You can select any of the past custom-design macarons or send us what you have in mind. Use the form below to place your order! (Prices are per piece. Minimum order amount is 20.)

Bulldog Macarons
Shark Macarons
Kitty Cat Macarons
Baby Shark Macarons
Hello Kitty Macarons
Scary Face Macarons
Ice Cream Cone Macarons
Tiger Print Macarons
Beaver Macarons
Minnie Mouse Macarons
Shiba Inu Dog Macarons
White Heart Pearl Macarons
Vampirina Macarons
Polar Bear Macarons
Cute Puppy Macarons
Cute Koala Macarons
Woodland Themed Macarons
The Hippo Gang
Cute Panda Macarons
Cute Bus Macarons
Cookie Monster Macarons
Teddy Bear Macarons