about me

"The Macaron Lady"



I am originally from Istanbul, Turkey. My love with French Macarons started way back, when I was 8 years old. During those years that I lived in Paris, I was amazed with this "petit gâteau” (small cake). Since then, I stayed connected to French culture, studied French and became a French teacher. However, all those years,...

...my dream was to start up a patisserie

I was always a very good cook, especially enjoyed almond-flavored desserts, but I wanted to focus on something that required patience, creativity, expertise and passion, every time you baked…with that came the macarons…Due to my husband’s relocation 4 years ago, we moved to Woodbury Minnesota. It was time to make my dreams come true. In February 2017, on my 40th birthday, I started my homebased macaron business. Hoping to open one day a French Macaron Patisserie in Woodbury...

hand made



Every macaron you get is delicately hand made. I use the best quality ingredients for each flavor, making sure everything is fresh so you can taste the flavor in every bite. And most importantly, you will not find any preservatives in my macarons that may exist if you buy from a retail store.





Macaron is a combination of art and precision. Before you end up with this delicious taste, each step during the baking process requires focus, patience and creativity. At the end, every macaron is a “petit gateau” (small cake), a masterpiece, that you reflect your passion and love.


This also applies to how I prepare your orders, every box neatly prepared for your special moment…